Quench your thirst starting today!


How many of us drink at least 8 glasses of water a day?  Why can’t most people not do this? I am going to tell you why now.

#1 – Many people are drinking the wrong kind of water..You need to drink clean, pure, alkaline water every day at least 8 glasses. There is only one solution available today that has been proven by a company called ENAGIC.  This company has been in existence for over 40 years and manufactures the best water ionizer in the world.  They have recd many awards and certifications that show their validity. Quench your thirst today!

KANGEN WATER has been called the “Miracle Water” for decades.  There are at least 4 places located around the world that have maintained lengendary status as a natural source of this water.  It was discovered that the water in the following locations had one thing in common…an abundance of Active Hydrogen – Lourdes, France; Nordenau, Germany; Delhi, India; and Ilacote, Mexico.  This water is known today as ALKALINE WATER.  See below the benefits of drinking KANGEN WATER.  Quench your thirst today!



Can sodas such as pepsi, coca cola, sprite, power drinks, gatorade, different vitamin waters all contain sugars which are harmful for your health.  The many illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure are all because of these drinks…any you still continue drinking it, WHY?  My motto is CHANGE YOUR WATER…CHANGE YOUR HEALTH TODAY! Quench your thirst today!


Below is the pH Chart…learn all you need to and make a decision today to CHANGE YOUR WATER…AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR HEALTH.h20-ph-chart10000

The SD501 Leveluk Water Machine shown below is the perfect one for your kitchen. Its easy to install and creates 5 different kinds of water…you can GO-Green around your home also because it produces Strong Acid Water for cleaning, washing clothes, produce are cleaned with this water also to take off all the pesticides that are on them.



This water provides the hydration for your body. It gives you the energy you need daily to carry on your business and responsibilities at home.  It is anti-oxidant which neutralized all the free radicals which means reversing of the aging process. The most important aspect is that it detoxifies your body by flushing those toxins.  Drinking 8 glasses of water daily will produce all these positive things in your life.  So why NOT start today.

Go ahead and visit my website and order this amazing water ionizer today, save your life, your childrens’ lives, friends and family. http://civelazquezkangenwater.com

how-to-make-alkaline-water-1aAmazing results have been derived by people who have made the change today.  Here are some testimonies:

Start you regimen today and drink TURMERIC a harmonious balance of TRUE HEALTH which is Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Finances. http://civelazquezkangenwater.us



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