The 3 Ws of Healthy Technology and How to Get it

What are the 3 W’s of Healthy Technology?  Did you know that there is a big possibility that your dream can be realized?

The 3 W’s of healthy technology are as follows:




and HOW?


The possibility of a Miracle can be yours when you start your own business from home today! Don’t think about it, just start it.  But first let me tell you all about my Miracle!

I dream that a Miracle happen in my life, where I can feel happy, healthy and wealthy at the same time.  These 3 elements are essential for any new business entrepreneur.  Without these 3 elements your business can go down so fast.  But we can help and guide you in the right direction as follows:

Before you start any business from home you need to keep in mind the following things that I am about to share with you:

FINDING THE RIGHT PRODUCT – Did you know that ENAGIC has two amazing products that can generate the type of income that you are looking for in your life?  Well yes, it is true and I have found that starting a direct sales business is the best approach for extra money, residual income or for whatever purpose you started a business.  Which I hope are to be free, energized and happy!

COMPENSATION PLAN –  They have an 8-Point compensation plan.  Click on the link and learn more about it.

HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION – First make a list of everyone you know with their cell phone numbers…friends, co-workers, family members, previous employers and co-workers, etc.  Add everyone that comes to your mind.

Thanks to for this amazing template.

SEND YOUR FIRST MESSAGE TO THEIR CELL PHONE:  Say, “I am updating my phone book and wanted to know if this is the best number for you and address.  Get to know them better first.  Converse with them, find out how they are doing today, ask for their family.  Don’t sell anything yet.

Continue sending a message every other day for about 1 week and learn more about what they do.  See what they are interested in. Find our their challenges, if they were ever in MLM or DS (Direct Selling), would they love to hear about what you do now for a living.  Converse, converse, converse…more each day.  Wait for the perfect time to introduce your business.

These are just a few steps to success.  If you want to continue with these sessions, you can sign up for a 30-Minute FREE Session today by requesting my free e-book about my business.  Its a rewarding business and the income is more rewarding.  So go ahead and click the link above and sign up today.

Thanks for reading,

Carmen Velazquez

ENAGIC Entrepreneur


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