The Amazing Properties of Kangen Water

Did you know that not all water is created equal?  How well do you know the water that you are drinking today?  What type of water is it?  Does it contain vitamins, anti-oxidants, is it healthy for you and your family?

All these questions have answers and today I want to explain to you the three main properties of Kangen Water and why it is different from any other water in the world:

  1. Anti-Oxidation – Oxidation = The “Rusting Process  – Living Tissue + Oxidation = Sickness and Aging!
  2. Micro-Clustering – During ionization process electricity surges through the water, disrupting the clusters and breaking them into smaller groups, called micro-clusters.  These smaller groups of water molecles are more easily assimilated by the body, providing superior hydration and absorption.
  3. Alkalinity – is best described below:h20-ph-chart10000

Each one of these properties alone have tremendous benefits, but when they come together, they create an incredible combination…KANGEN WATER.  What is KANGEN WATER or what does it mean?  KANGEN means return to origin.

Many years ago scientific research was conducted in several unique locations such as Lourdes France, Nordenau Germany, Delhi India and Tlacote Mexico and they found that the so called “Miracle Healing Water” had one thing in common and that was an abundance of Active Hydrogen which today is known as Alkaline Water.

There is no other company that manufacturers water equipment like ENAGIC.  There motto is CHANGE YOUR WATER…CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

The Enagic Flagship Product is called the SD501 Leveluk and it makes 5 types of water and it has been approved as a “Medical Device” by the Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare and it has 7 platinum dipped titanium plates.  It is industry’s best automatic self-cleaning system that creates Kangen grade alkaline drinking water and it has the longest product life expectancy in the industry:

Kangen Water (3 different levels)

Clean Water

Beauty Water

Strong Kangen Water

Strong Acidic Water

Order your own water machine and start drinking it for a more refreshing taste, healthier you in no time and stop the aging process. Feel the difference in your skin and hair. Lose the excess weight because of the toxins stored in your body.

Visit today and get your FREE e-book:


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