3 Properties of Kangen Water

Want to learn the 3 Properties of Kangen Water?  First let me explain to you the meaning of KANGEN.  KANGEN means “Return to Origin”!  There is no other water that possesses these 3 properties.  Here they are:

  1. Anti-Oxidation – Oxidation = the “Rusting” Process. Living Tissue + Oxidation = Sickness and Aging.  Kangen Water Breakthrough Technology = Anti-Oxidation, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Aging.  What happens when you cut an apple and let it sit out for 20 minutes?  It turns brown, right?  This process is called oxidation.  The oxygen in the air begins to burn the surface of whatever it touches, breaking it down and aging it.  This is why anti-oxidants are so important as we get older and most important of all it the reason why drinking KANGEN WATER is so essential to our health.
  2. Micro-Clustering – Tap water has larger clusters (15-20 molecules) vs KANGEN WATER which is Micro-Clustered (4-6 molecules). During the ionization process of our kangen water machines, electricity surges through the water, disrupting the clusters and breaking them down into smaller groups called micro-clusters.  These water molecules are more easily assimilated by the body, providing superior hydration and absorption.
  3. Alkalinization – There are levels of acidic which is sickness to neutral pH 7 to alkaline with = health and KANGEN Water.

ENAGIC is the proud manufacturer of these water ionizers that produces the #1 best water I have ever tasted. Its soft, refreshing and great for your digestion.

  • There are several different models that ENAGIC manufacturers and all of them have these 3 Properties in the Water it produces.We have the Leveluk SD501 which is considered the Starship model:


  • The ultimate home use model PLATINUM features a revamped modern design geared to match today’s more stylish kitchens.  Same power and performance as the SD501 in an all new package.  Its used and loved in 82 countries throughout the world and it speaks in 5 languages..English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German at the users discretion.13508923_10157735609020377_605867211492631852_n
  • The energy saver is called the Leveluk SD 501 JRII which has three solid electrode pates which reduces energy consumption.  This unit produces the Strong Acid and strong Kangen waters


  • The Leveluk R is Enagic’s starter model compact size and easily transportable — great for travelers.  It produces all drinking waters and Beauty water.  Once you purchase this starter model you can then transfer up to the more robust flagship SD501 at a later time.
  • leveluk_producto
  • We also carry the SD501 Leveluk SUPER for heavy home or business use.  No other water ionizer on the market is comparable.  It has 12 electrode plates, a twin hose system and a water pressure regulating function.  product_super501Commercial or Heavy Home Use
  • An if you are wondering about your bath, we have the ANESPA which is a unique mineral water generator.  Equipped with a mineral ion water activator, the ANESPA is able to moisturize your skin, make your hair full and shiny and provide relaxation of bathing in a natural hot spring.  Excellent for those who suffer from muscular pain, or skin dryness and more.

Hurry on down to http://civelazquezkangenwater.com and order your very own water ionizer that will change your life and your health and if you become a distributor your wealth.

Start today learn more at the above website or call me for a free consultation.  It’s all about you and enjoying a healthy lifestyle from day one when you start drinking the KANGEN WATER that is only produced by the above machines.

Thanks for reading…please share with friends and family who suffer from digestion problems, cancer, skin disease, HBP, Diabetes and see how they too can CHANGE THEIR LIVES by living a healthier lifestyle starting today! ORDER NOW http://civelazquezkangenwater.com/?c=products

Thanks for reading and start today enjoying TRUE HEALTH WHICH = HEALTHY MIND, BODY AND FINANCES.

Carmen Velazquez

PS you can find me on






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